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High-paced real-time Competition

Students play against others and the clock, either in the same room or elsewhere.

Customizable games - create your own scenarios!

As facilitator, ability to create different versions of games to suit your teaching needs.

Teaching support

Slide decks for briefing and de-briefing students, and for introducing games.

Real-time Competition

Students develop and introduce products to the market in real-time, competing with each other to dominate products.

Easily create your own scenarios, or use one of our pre-set games.

As the facilitator, you can create your own game with different products, number of players, and events. We also have pre-set games that can be played immediately out of the box.

Teaching support

Games come with materials to ease facilitation. Usage instructions for teachers and students, and slide decks to use before and after games during reflection of learning outcomes.

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